The Woodworking Factory “OLES”

The woodworking factory “Oles”

The woodworking factory OLES was founded in 2002 and now it is one of the leading Russian enterprices in the sector of glued
wooden structures. OLES is a full-cycle enterprice, equipped with reliable Swiss and German equipment, which allows to produce
glued timber, beams and house sets with high quality and accuracy.

The woodworking factory “Oles”

High quality raw materials

Full production cycle

Reliable Swiss equipment

Glued wooden constructions

Certified production

Walls production of different thicknes

Hand-made polish of each part


Quality of XXI century


Glued beams

Glued beams have extra strength, which allows to withstand heavy loads. It not susceptible to fungus and insects due to impregnation. It is ideal for supporting structures. Length is up to 13,5 m., heigh is from 80mm. to 1120mm., thinkness is up to 260mm.

Glued laminated timber

High-tech modern building material. Glued timber does not shrink, and its surface does not needs additional processings. We offer 5 types of profiles glued laminated timber with height up to 265mm., thinkness is up to 260mm.

House sets

The woodworking factory "OLES" produces wall sets with high-quality Swiss equipment. Each part has its own unique number, which allows you to assemble a wall set as easy as the constructor “LEGO”.

Molded products

imitation of timber, boards, furniture panels and other


wooden euro windows


inner and outer


by individual project


160-230 mm.

End boxes

160-230 mm. +7 (800) 707-18-10
The Woodworking Factory “OLES” 3, Parfenova street, Okulovka, Novgorod region, 174352 +7 800 250-37-78 +7 81657 24-297
EXHIBITION HOUSE, MOSCOW Exhibicion house 18/13 8, Mall “Sindika”, 65 km of MKAD, Moscow +7 800 250-60-57
"OLES" factory is the of full cycle production of houses laminated timber